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Kind words from our physical therapy patients


I cannot express how grateful I am that Mary Katherine entered my life. Before I started physical therapy with her, I was afraid my only option was pain killers. I had not suffered an injury but was dealing with low back and leg pain. After only a few months of therapy, my pain level went down to virtually nothing. I had been to many doctors but Mary Katherine was the first professional who recognized that I also suffered with lymphedema, which was relieved by a very simple technique. She has helped my life in so many ways. If the need ever arises, I will return to her in a heartbeat and will recommend her to everyone.      


In 2016, Mary Katherine and I met when I came in with a knee injury. She had no knowledge that I had been living with a severe undiagnosed injury for almost a decade and I had no intention of telling her about it. I had seen so many physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, you name it, and I was either told I was lying or they simply gave up on me. Mary Katherine, however, after asking me to perform one small range of motion test, knew that something else was going on and insisted that I go back to the doctor and tell him my whole story. I then spent the next year finally recovering, and Mary Katherine was with me every step of the way. She saw me through a knee surgery and two hip surgeries. She would push me in therapy when she knew I could take it and when recovery seemed too overwhelming, she would meet me with kindness and empathy. Because of her, I have had two babies without hip pain and I am back to playing soccer on a regular basis. Little does she know that my life was dramatically changed for the better all because she pushed me to fight for my health. I always joked with her that I had a love-hate relationship with her, but to be honest, through all of the pain and difficulty of therapy, Mary Katherine became my friend and I am beyond grateful for her and anyone is lucky to have her on their side.      


Mary Katherine is a compassionate, talented, knowledgeable and professional therapist. I appreciate the effort she put toward restoring movement and relieving my discomfort. She explained what she was doing (and why) at every step, so I learned a lot about my injury, and how the body works, along the way! She was passionate about teaching me how I can best maintain progress using simple exercises and stretches at home. Her office is clean, well stocked and comfortable. Mary Katherine is thoughtful in following up and I can tell she truly wants her patients to succeed and be well-informed on how to best care for ourselves. Definitely the best experience I’ve had in physical therapy!


Mary Katherine has been an invaluable resource in times of physical discomfort and pain for both me and my children. Her personal history of working through medical issues gives her a deep compassion for her clients and the ability to walk with them toward their goals. She has helped our family discern when more medical attention is needed verses when something is likely to heal with time. On top of that, there is no one sweeter to work with!


Dr. Bergman is the best doctor that anyone could have! She looks at the patient as a whole, which permits for an accurate diagnosis that others may not have considered. You can tell that she truly cares about every single individual and their needs as soon as she sees her patients. Dr. Bergman resembles the ideal doctor that everyone desires to have!


Physical therapy with Mary Katherine was something I looked forward to. She fills you with positivity and hope. Her unique combination of expertise and compassion enabled me to achieve so much more than I was told would be possible. I finished every session feeling invigorated and enthused. She has my highest recommendation! 


Mary Katherine is the best! Every time I see her, she takes the time necessary to provide excellent care. She is very thorough with her treatment. To reduce the inflammation in my elbow, she even recommended supplements that helped significantly and provided me a list of inflammatory foods to avoid. She is very well versed in her trade and sincerely cares about each of her patients. I would highly recommend Mary Katherine!


I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Mary Katherine over the last 4 years both on a personal and professional level. She has the ability to light up an entire room through her infectiously kind heart and gentle demeanor. She dedicates so much of herself to each person she comes into contact with and is determined to ensure everyone around her is taken care of to the highest degree possible. I know that I can trust her to make the right decisions for those she cares for, including myself, as she listens intently to her patients concerns when considering the best treatment plan. I am so excited to see her new business venture thrive because I know her dedication to her practice and her patients is going to set her apart from any other PT! Current and future patients are and will be so blessed to be in her care. 


 I suffer from chronic migraines and have since high school. Every time Mary Katherine works on me I’ve found relief that countless other doctors have not been able to provide, including trained neurologists. Beyond that, she has been able to quickly diagnose and treat every sports injury that I’ve incurred, supplying exercises that not only bring relief, but strengthen me in order to prevent re-injury. She truly is a healer.


I never thought I would drive to receive more pain, but after so many issues with my knees, I found the most amazing physical therapist!  Mary Katherine Bergman moved to Midland about the time that I needed real help. She was relentless in working the right muscles - always with a beautiful smile - while inflicting magical balance to allow my muscles to perform correctly. She's knowledgeable and explains anatomical purpose to each process.  I "moved on" from knees to broken ribs to shoulder pain.  "Lucky me," because I trust her diagnosis and applied workout!


A little over month after my knee surgery, I could hardly walk from such excruciating knee pain. After Dr. Bergman worked on me five times at her location and gave me exercises to do at home. I was a new person. Without both the surgery and her help with recovery after the surgery, I would not have been able to walk today. Dr. Bergman helped me return to a normal life, much less saved me from living on crutches. 


I began seeing Mary Katherine after hospitalization. Mary Katherine worked with me to regain my balance and my strength. After my PT time was over, I continued to see Mary Katherine for strength building prior to having knee replacement surgery. My recovery was considerably above the average because of the physical therapy Mary Katherine focused in helping me with. When I retired to my surgeon for the three week post op appointment, I walked in unaided. I would recommend Mary Katherine highly!


Dr. Bergman is an excellent physical therapist - wonderfully patient, kind and thoughtful regarding her patients and clients. She helped me get through back surgery and encouraged me to continue, even on my own, the necessary exercise to keep limber and strong!


Shortly after giving birth, I experienced a compression fracture in my spine, which was partially due to scoliosis and learning I had osteopenia.. Dr. Bergman helped me to regain strength and stamina to function with an everyday life, much less to bend over and place my newborn baby down in her crib. Her stretches have saved me. Thank you, Dr. Bergman, for giving me the opportunity to live life as a mom and play tennis once again. 

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